Elden Ring: How To Beat Maliketh [Cheese Method] (2023)

The latest FromSotware installment, Elden Ring, is all the hype these days. Mostly in part due to the seemingly unlimited number of blood-thirsty bosses that it has in store for its players. And that’s no surprise; SoulsBorne games are known and loved due to their unrealistic difficulty levels and challenging environments. One such boss that has got players screeching in pain is Maliketh, the Black Blade, an extremely powerful foe with two successively difficult phases. Moreover, this boss isn’t optional, so you have to deal with him. To help you best this formidable enemy, we have compiled Elden Ring Maliketh cheese method guide, so read on and find out the best ways to overcome this challenge.

Key Highlights

  • Maliketh is one of the end-game bosses of Elden Ring and is naturally very tough to beat. If unbeatable by normal means, there are always foolproof cheese methods to beat such bosses.
  • The first cheese method to beat Maliketh is by inflicting Rot status. Rot is a highly effective toxic status that can be inflicted upon enemies for overtime damage. The best way to inflict Rot status is by using “Rotten Breath” incantation.
  • The second cheese method to beat Maliketh is by using a bleed build. Bleed is a status that can be built over time with bleed attacks and causes explosive damage. Swarm of Flies incantation and Arcane Weapons are recommended for this method.
  • Additionally, it is highly recommended to use Mimic Tear during the fight to divert Maliketh’s attention and deal more damage than the player could in solo.
  • Maliketh is located at the end of Crumbling Farum Azula.

We know that Maliketh isn’t the only tough boss in Elden Ring; there are a number of enemies players have a very hard time dealing with. So, if you’re fed up with getting crushed constantly by the Fire Giant, facing problems with Alecto Black Knife, hit a wall with the Godskin Duo, or can’t seem to save yourself from Malenia’s Scarlet Rot, give our cheese guides for the respective bosses a quick read! Alternatively, you can read our Elden Ring Bosses Tier List.

Cheese Strategies For Maliketh In Elden Ring

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Maliketh is very strong and agile, and his attacks are surprisingly fast for an enemy of his size. Both of his phases are difficult in their own league. The second phase of this fight starts after you’ve reduced the boss’ health to about 50 percent, he becomes more agile and his attacks even more taxing. The battle ultimately comes down to your ability to adapt quickly and effectively. Below is a list of highly effective Elden Ring Maliketh cheese strategies that we’ve compiled to make this boss fight easier for you.

Scarlet Rot Build

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Maliketh, albeit a very powerful opponent, is susceptible to Scarlet Rot. The Rot probably has created multiple problems for you throughout your gameplay, now is the time that you use it to your benefit. In this regard, the primary resource that we recommend using is the ‘Rotten Breath’ incantation. Rotten Breath allows you to cast a highly toxic breath that gives Rot damage.

Some of the best incantations will allow you to beat powerful enemies in Elden Ring, and Rotten Breath is one of them. We urge using either the Dragon Communion Seal or the Finger Seal alongside the incantation, both the Sacred Seals scale with Faith. For us, the finger seal worked perfectly against Maliketh. While you’re at it, consider reading our Elden Ring BEST Faith Build and Faith weapons guide.

What you have to do, is equip only the finger seal when you enter the arena and then summon your mimic tear. In this way, your mimic will constantly keep on casting rotten breath on Maliketh. During the first phase, apply the rotten breath incantation as much as you can and get in a few hits whenever possible. Your mimic tear will prove to be very useful in this regard. Be sure to dodge his attacks, as they can take a good part of your health relatively quickly.

As soon as the second phase starts, you’ve got to be much more careful now as his attacks are more powerful than before. The basic technique is the same, to spam him with as much rotten breath as you can, but rather than going overboard in trying to attack, the focus should be more on dodging and healing. You can even use some of the best swords that can inflict some amount of Rot over time, such as the Rotten Crystal sword; however, that’s not absolutely necessary.

(Video) Elden Ring - How to CHEESE Maliketh After 1.08 Patch (2023) | Boss Fight Full Guide

Rotten Breath Incantation Location

You can purchase this incantation from the Dragon Communion Altar at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. However, you cannot buy it with Runes, and rather you’ll be needing one dragon heart in order to get your hands on this incantation. Dragon hearts can be obtained, of course, by killing dragons, a taxing task on its own. While you’re at it, consider reading our Elden Ring Dragonlord Placidusax guide.

But fortunately for you, there is a specific dragon in Caelid that is not too difficult to beat. Head to the Fort Faroth Ste of Grace and rest. Afterward, head straight west until you come upon a huge feathered tail on the nearby ground. Start attacking the tail until the Dragon’s health runs out, be sure to not attack the head, which would result in the dragon waking up from its slumber. After the dragon is killed, you’ll get around 74,000 runes and also have your dragon heart. On the subject of dragon, why not read our Elden Ring Lichdragon Fortissax guide.

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Now you need to head to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion, and the front entrance is guarded by a powerful knight, so it is recommended to take the back entrance. Once inside, approach the Altar of Dragon Communion and purchase the Rotten Breath Incantation.

Finger Seal Location

The Prophet and Confessor starting classes already have this seal at the start. But if you’re in some other class, you can easily get your hands on the finger seal by purchasing it from Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold. It will cost you 800 Runes. If you’re running low on runes, then read our Elden Ring Fastest Rune Farming Methods guide.

Bleed Build

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Our next cheese strategy for Maliketh, the Black Blade, revolves around a bleed-focused build as he is also susceptible to bleed damage. The incantation that we recommend for this cheese is the ‘Swarm of Flies’ incantation. It allows the player to release a swarm of bloodflies that follows and assaults the enemy. You won’t have to worry about positioning as the swarm will automatically make its way to Maliketh and implicate bleed damage.

It is recommended to use the Dragon Communion seal alongside the incantation, as it scales with faith and arcane and works very well with this build. Additionally, some of the best weapons that offer bleed damage can also be included in the build. So, overall, we would have a high bleed build-up, which will benefit us greatly if we want to cheese Maliketh in Elden Ring. Also, read our Elden Ring bests Arcane Weapons if you want to have the top-tier arcane armaments in the game.

Summon your mimic tear upon entering the arena, use a swarm of flies as often as you can, get in a few hits when you see a gap. In the second phase, be more agile and try to dodge your enemy’s attacks. Use the pillars to your advantage and make diligent use of your flasks. The rest of the strategy is the same, keep spamming Maliketh with Swarm of flies and let your mimic tear deal with the brunt of his attacks. Eventually, you should be able to take down the mighty beast with persistent effort.

Swarm of Flies location

The Swarm of Flies incantation can be found on a corpse lying along the east side of the Mohgwyn Palace blood marsh, towards the Northern direction of the Palace Approach Ledge-Road grace site. Mohgwyn Palace is a region that lies beneath Caelid, and it can be accessed by using the Pureblood Knight’s Medal given by White-faced Varre or alternatively, through a portal in the North of the Consecrated grounds. This is the region where you can come toe to toe with Mohg Lord of Blood, one of the game’s strongest optional bosses.

Dragon Communion Seal Location

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(Video) Elden Ring - How to CHEESE Maliketh *AFTER PATCH* | Maliketh, The Black Blade Boss Fight Full Guide

This is arguably the best seal for the Swarm of Flies incantation. You can find the Dragon Communion Seal by going through the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, which lies near the Stranded Graveyard site of grace at the game’s beginning.

At the site, you’ll need to use two Stonesword Keys on the double Imp statues and then head straight down the tunnel with the chariot up until the point where the path splits up. Move upwards and progress till you reach the end of the tunnel. You will get the seal upon killing the enemy present in the room at the end of the tunnel.

Use Mimic Tear

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Before the patch 1.03 version of Elden Ring, Mimic Tear was the best Ashen Remains available, however, if you’re still playing the game offline or on an older game version that this cheese method is also for you.When summoned, your mimic tear spirit ash would have all of the same spells, armor set, and melee weapons as your current Tarnished character. While you’re at it, consider reading our Elden Ring Weapons Tier List.

Moreover, your twin even carries flasks of its own, which means it would be able to stay alive for relatively long periods of time as compared to other spirit ashes. You do not require any FP to summon your mimic tear; rather, a part of your health is used.

Your mimic tear will benefit you to a great extent in your fight against Maliketh as he is very quick, and more often than not, you’ll want him to be occupied somewhere else in order to get in an attack or two. In addition to that, the Maliketh cheese strategies in Elden Ring that we’re going to recommend necessarily require that you have this particular spirit ash in your arsenal. The greater the level of your mimic tear, the easier this fight can get. So, It is highly recommended that you upgrade your mimic tear to level 9 or 10 before stepping into the arena to come face to face with Maliketh.

Mimic Tear Location

In order to use the Mimic Tear, you’ll have to find it first, and getting your hands on the Mimic tear might not be too easy. To get this spirit ash, you have to access the Night’s Sacred Ground sight of grace in Nokron, Eternal City. To access the city, you’ll first have to beat one of the most powerful bosses in the game, Starscourge Radhan, a formidable opponent that will definitely take some hours away from your life. Fortunately, our cheese method for Radhan will take you through the most difficult parts like a breeze.

After beating Radhan and gaining access to Nokron, carry on with your way, and at one point, you’ll have to fight the mimic tear itself, which is a clone of your tarnished. After successfully dealing with this mirror image boss, proceed further until you reach the Ancestral Woods sight of grace.

From here, continue with your journey, and after you reach a rooftop courtyard, head eastwards across another ledge, then go through a window into the chapel. You’ll have to unlock the chapel wall and kill the next enemy to reach the chest that contains the Mimic Tears. You’ll need mimic tears for both of the builds we will be listing in our guide.

General Tips For Maliketh Boss Fight

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(Video) Cheese Maliketh, The Black Blade 🧀 (Elden Ring)

We’ve covered much of the technical aspects regarding the fight with Maliketh, but some general advice might also work wonders for you, especially if you’ve been stuck on this boss for some time now. In phase 1, Maliketh appears as a Beast Clergyman; in this phase, you mainly have to find the gap between his thrust and slash attacks to hit him once or twice. Whenever he starts to throw rocks or magical claws at you, dodge them. You can use the large pillars in the arena as cover when trying to heal or to dodge projectiles. Do not stay there for too long because he’ll generally go around them.

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In his second phase, Maliketh’s attacks will do more damage, so try to dodge as much as you can. You’ll also have to dodge the energy projectiles he throws at you. There are certain attacks that you have to avoid at all costs, an area of effect attack when Maliketh stabs his sword into the ground and another attack when he begins roaring, which can render you motionless and allow for follow-ups. Use the pillars for cover, but Maliketh will get around them even faster in this phase, so you’ll have to move fast.

Moreover, Maliketh’s attack will do damage over time in the second phase. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you equip an item that gives you passive health regeneration. While mentioning items, why not read our Elden Ring Item Tier List.

These cheese strategies should help you beat Maliketh, the black blade, with much less effort and frustration.

Who is Maliketh?

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Maliketh, the Black Blade is an essential boss in Elden Ring; he is the keeper of ‘Destined Death,’ which is another name for the death rune. It is said that Queen Marika, upon removing the Death Rune from the Elden Ring, gave it to Maliketh for safekeeping. We can see that before the start of his second phase, he imbues himself with the power of the rune to become Maliketh, the Black Blade.

Maliketh is an extremely agile boss of herculean might, and the fight he offers will test your tarnished’s skills to the point of frustration. Fortunately, with the help of our cheese guide for Maliketh, the black blade, you’ll find not only hope but the vigor and strategy required to best him in the most appropriate manner.

Maliketh, the Black Blade Location

You can come face to face with this formidable enemy at Crumbling Farum Azula after you have burned the Erdtree in the game’s final act. Once you’ve dealt with the boss, Leyndell will be reduced to ashes, with much of the city becoming inaccessible. So, it’s required that you take care of all the Leyndell quests before facing Maliketh. You’ll have to beat Maliketh in order to progress with the game’s main storyline.

And with this, our Elden Ring Maliketh defeating guide comes to an end. We hope that you’ll follow the strategies laid down by us and properly use your mimic tear, select a suitable build while also bearing in mind our tips. Follow these steps, and you will most likely be successful in your fight against this legendary boss.

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Elden Ring


How do you beat Malekith easily? ›

Rolling – Rolling is essential, this goes for both phases. Rolling underneath the Beast Clergyman right as he begins his attacks is the best strategy to keep your health at an optimum level. Note that dodging and rolling to the side is counter-intuitive. Instead, try to roll into his attacks.

What incantation is good against Maliketh? ›

Maliketh is highly susceptible to Bleed and Scarlet Rot, so use weapons, spells, or items that inflict these statuses if you can. You'll score a ton of bonus damage against him this way, making the fight go much faster. The Mimic Tear Spirit Ash Summon is excellent in this fight.

What is the best weapon to use against Malekith? ›

Maliketh is highly resistant to all status effects and elemental damage. For melee builds, your best bet is to equip whatever weapon is capable of dealing the highest Physical Damage possible. High-Faith builds can use Lightning Spear to good effect. For Sorcerers, Rock Sling is a solid option, as always.

Is it possible to cheese Elden Ring? ›

Cheese Elden Beast with Melee Attacks

Perhaps the most straightforward method of cheesing Elden Beast is using the confusion method while spamming melee attacks. Although the Elden Beast may not be the most difficult Elden Ring boss in the game, any cheesing method is still a viable one.

What is Malekith weakness? ›

Additionally, the boss is weak to Frost damage, so the Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War works an absolute treat here for decimating its health. However, since the Hoarfrost Stomp has effectively been nerfed by FromSoftware, you might want to consider taking in a weapon with Bleed damage instead.

What spirit ash is best for Malekith? ›

Any Spirit Ash summon that can hold his attention will be a big help. The Mimic Tear is always a top option, but anything that can survive his onslaught will do.

What is the recommended level for Maliketh? ›

Maliketh, the Black Blade is not a demigod or Shardbearer, but defeating it will earn you a bounty of Runes. This is a fight you should attempt at around character level 120-130, preferably with a fully upgraded weapon, so +22/+25.

Can you poise break Malekith? ›

A successful parry stuns Maliketh for few seconds and deals minor damage to him. Also makes his damage resistance lower for the duration of stun (around 20 percent).

Is Malekith weak to holy damage? ›

Avoid Holy damage: Maliketh is highly resistant to Holy damage, and has strong resistances to Bleed and Frost build up. The latter two can still trigger, but we'd highly recommend changing weapon or affinity if you're primarily using a Holy weapon at this stage.

Is the Radahn cheese patched? ›

A hulking beast, Radahn was accidently nerfed in an Elden Ring patch, though the latest update returned him to his former glory.

Is there a way to cheese Melina Elden Ring? ›

A unique, heavily-memed Elden Ring weapon can actually be used to cheese the fight with Malenia, the hardest boss in the Lands Between.

Can you still cheese Radagon? ›

We can confirm it still works after Elden Ring update 1.3. Once players cross the golden light to initiate the fight, they should skip the cutscene and IMMEDIATELY, while the screen is still black, hold their sprint forward.

Does killing Malekith end the game? ›

The second "point of no return" comes after players kill Malekith, The Black Blade. Doing this will actually cover Leyndell in ashes, locking players out of certain areas in the Royal Capital. However, this is necessary to face the final boss.

How do you Parry Malekith? ›

The primary attacks Maliketh uses which can be parried by the Blasphemous Claw are a leaping slam when jumping off a pillar, and attacks which follow his aerial Black Blade projectiles. In both cases, Maliketh's weapon will glow yellow ahead of the strike, so prepare to use the Blasphemous Claw in advance.

Is Malekith the hardest boss? ›

Maliketh, the Black Blade is one of the hardest mandatory bosses in Elden Ring. He's quick, he's strong and he's aggressive. He's one of the hardest bosses in Elden Ring but whether you're level 1 or 300, this boss guide will have you making short work of Maliketh.

What is the best way to defeat Malekith in Elden Ring? ›

If Malekith is on the ground, melee characters can use the jumping heavy attack they used on the Beast Clergyman. Malekith's posture can be broken this way, allowing players to get in massive damage with a single click. Players will also want to use any close-range Ash of War they have at their disposal.

What is tankiest spirit ashes? ›

Lhutel the Headless Ashes

Lhutel the Headless is arguably the best tanking summon you'll find in the game. She won't dish out as much damage as some other spirit ashes, but the sheer survivability of this ally is unmatched.

What is the tankiest Elden Ring summon? ›

When upgraded, the Mimic Tear is incredibly tanky and can dish out plenty of damage, making it an invaluable summon that we highly recommend using in Elden Ring's challenging boss fights. Note that using the Mimic Tear uses 50% of your HP instead of your mana, so make sure you drink a healing potion after summoning it.

What is the best Ash summon for Malenia? ›

As Malenia has attacks that can easily one-shot you, it's highly recommended using spirit ash summons for this fight just to give you some breathing room.

How do you beat Malekith easy Elden Ring? ›

If Malekith is on the ground, melee characters can use the jumping heavy attack they used on the Beast Clergyman. Malekith's posture can be broken this way, allowing players to get in massive damage with a single click. Players will also want to use any close-range Ash of War they have at their disposal.

What is the Beast Clergyman weak to? ›

Beast Clergyman is a Boss in Elden Ring.
Beast Clergyman
HP≈ 10,620 (Field Boss)
Strong VS Holy Hemorrhage FrostbiteWeak to Fire Lightning Magic
3 more rows
Dec 12, 2022

Is Maliketh or Malenia harder? ›

maliketh is harder than malenia :: ELDEN RING General Discussions.

Why is Malekith so powerful? ›

Also, like his fellow Dark Elves, the Accursed one can easily be felled by iron. However, he also studied the supernatural and became the most powerful sorcerer in Svartalfheim. Malekith is also a master manipulator thanks to both his silver tongue and his ability to actually take the form of another.

Does killing Malekith lock you out? ›

The second "point of no return" comes after players kill Malekith, The Black Blade. Doing this will actually cover Leyndell in ashes, locking players out of certain areas in the Royal Capital.

Can u parry Malekith? ›

The primary attacks Maliketh uses which can be parried by the Blasphemous Claw are a leaping slam when jumping off a pillar, and attacks which follow his aerial Black Blade projectiles. In both cases, Maliketh's weapon will glow yellow ahead of the strike, so prepare to use the Blasphemous Claw in advance.

Is Gurranq and Maliketh the same? ›

Elden Ring: Gurranq and Maliketh are One and The Same

Players would be forgiven for thinking that the first time they meet Maliketh is on Farum Azula, where they kill him and restore Destined Death to the Lands Between.

What does Malekith blade scale with? ›

The Maliketh's Black Blade scales primarily with Strength, Dexterity and Faith. A good Weapon for inflicting holy-based damage.

What happens if you give the Beast Clergyman all the Deathroot? ›

In exchange for each deathroot you give him, he'll reward you with a seal and several bestial incantations, along with other beast-themed rewards.


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