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Maliketh, the Black Blade is the final boss of the Crumbling Farum Azula legacy dungeon. He is a two part boss, starting as the Beast Clergyman and then transforming into Maliketh for phase two.

Check out our boss guide to defeating Maliketh, the Black Blade below:


Maliketh, the Black Blade Boss Fight

Another familiar face, the Beast Clergyman is the final boss of Farum Azula. But is this the same Clergyman we met at the Bestial Sanctum? Only one way to find out...

Most of his moveset consists of dashing around and throwing rocks at you, especially when you are out of his melee range. These attacks are incredibly easy to see coming (he drags his hand along the ground before throwing) and you can just dodge roll toward him to avoid the damage. This creates a good opportunity to heal as well, so just back off and bait out one of his rock throws anytime you need a sip from your Flask (just like the Godskin Duo, you can use the pillars here as a shield as well).

When you are in melee range he will do a lot of different swings and jabs with his dagger. Keep an eye out for his long range forward stab, which is telegraphed by him doing a small hop then fully thrusting his dagger forward. You can dodge roll into this then get a few attacks off before he regains his composure.

For the most part though our strategy will be to stand in front of him with our shield up, waiting for his long dagger combo that ends with a downward dagger thrust. He usually opens with two quick dagger slashes, then adds a third before standing up and raising his dagger into the air. This is the attack we want. If you have Barricade Shield activate it here, wait for the attack, then Guard Counter it. If you do not, you can simply dodge roll in before the dagger impact and get a few attacks in.

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Keep a close eye on his hands though. If he thrusts his offhand into the ground instead of his dagger he is actually about to unleash an area of effect spell, so do not attempt to punish or Guard Counter him. Instead just keep your guard up or roll through it. Similarly, if he thrusts his hands into the ground and the area around him starts glowing he is about to summon a blast of rocks from the ground, which will deal damage as they burst forth, and deal damage again when they fall back to the ground. You can get one or two attacks in before the rocks emerge, but the safest bet is just to back away with your guard up.

Dodge the rock blasts and Guard Counter his slow dagger slam and you will burn down half his health bar in no time, which means it's time for...

You didn't think it would be that easy did you? Now the Beast Clergyman reveals his final form as Maliketh, the Black Blade. He becomes much more powerful, with a whole new set of moves and two annoying debuffs, one that reduces your max health and another that damages you slowly over time, which are triggered whenever you are struck by his burning blade.

If you got the Blasphemous Claw from killing Bernahl earlier in Crumbling Farum Azula dungeon you can use its item effect to parry some of Maliketh's attacks. Any of his melee attacks (not the projectiles) that cause his blade to Glow Golden can be deflected with correct timing, similar to a Parry. If you hit the parry successfully Maliketh will become momentarily staggered, letting you unleash a number of attacks on him.


Just like the Clergyman, Maliketh loves to dash all around the battlefield, attacking from every angle possible, plus he has added a number of jumping attacks to his arsenal as well. Much like the Clergyman, we are just going to keep our shield up and avoid as much of this as possible, waiting out a few specific attacks that are most punishable.

The main attacks we are looking for are his horizontal grounded slash and slow overhead slash, both of which offer a great opportunity to attack. You can usually bait these out by just standing around in front of Maliketh, but there are a few combo paths he can follow. After the horizonal slash along the ground, he may grab his sword with both hands and swing it over his head, slamming the ground. This is the best case scenario. You can strafe to the side of him and attack 3-4 times before he regains posture. He may also chain that slash into a jumping triple slash, which you can strafe to the side of then punish when he lands.

If he instead OPENS the combo with the overhead slash, do not attempt to punish immediately as he can chain that into a quick horizontal slash, or a spinning triple slash. These are punishable as well if you keep your guard up, but it may be easier just to back off and wait for a better opening.

Next, some attacks we want to avoid. Anytime Maliketh jumps into the air and thrusts his sword into the ground, simply get away or attack with a projectile. This looks like a great opportunity to attack, but the thrust triggers a powerful explosion about a second later you do not want to be caught in (after the explosion Maliketh does a backflip before landing back on the ground. If you are in position behind him you can get one or two attacks in as he lands). Additionally, he will occasionally chain one thrust into a vertical jump slash that ends with a giant flurry of slashes which will kill most players instantly if not blocked. My advice is to just get away.

Same goes for just about all of his jump attacks really. Most of them have large areas of effect and erratic movements, so its better just to strafe away and not even try to get involved or else you may just get caught in his blender of attacks. This goes double for his sword projectiles, which he will launch out from his sword while spinning in the air. He will usually telegraph these attacks by jump up onto one of the pillars first, before launching himself into the air.

His most powerful variant of this attack sees him fire off three sword projectiles with a small delay in between each one before dashing back into the ground with a massive circular swing. If you see this one coming you want to dodge roll toward him, through each of the projectiles, then dodge roll inward one last time as he comes flying back to earth to avoid the final slash. This attack is very deadly, but the dodge timing is fairly forgiving.

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Just like before, you can use the pillars around the battlefield to create a barrier between you and Maliketh and block his attacks and projectiles, BUT know that some of his attacks, including the aforementioned circular slash, will hit through the pillar.

Wait out his less dangerous attacks and slowly wear him down (or perfect the Blasphemous Claw parry if you are feeling confident) and you will eventually topple this formidable enemy and obtain his reward, the Remembrance of the Black Blade. After a short cutscene you will be warped to a new, yet familiar, area

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What is Maliketh's Black Blade weak to? ›

Additionally, the boss is weak to Frost damage, so the Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War works an absolute treat here for decimating its health. However, since the Hoarfrost Stomp has effectively been nerfed by FromSoftware, you might want to consider taking in a weapon with Bleed damage instead.

How do you beat Maliketh the Black Blade Elden Ring? ›

We recommended players fight Maliketh with a melee weapon, but be sure to also equip a shield. Summoning an ash spirit will help tremendously in keeping Maliketh occupied and distracted. The most imperative item to bring to the fight is the Blasphemous Claw, a tool that is specifically used to overthrow Maliketh.

Is Black Blade Kindred a hard boss? ›

Black Blade Kindred Strategy

This can be a tough fight due to the immense damage and health the Black Blade Kindred has, but if you defeated the Valiant Gargoyles in Siofra you'll have a bit of an easier time once leveled up, since there's only one to deal with, and you can still summon spirits.

What level should I be to fight Malekith? ›

In any case, aim to be at least level 120 (ideally closer to 150 or so), with at least 40 points invested into Vigor. Get your weapon leveled up to the max, as well. If you're running a range-focused build, this fight is going to be a nightmare to take on solo.

What level should I be to fight black blade? ›

Maliketh, the Black Blade is not a demigod or Shardbearer, but defeating it will earn you a bounty of Runes. This is a fight you should attempt at around character level 120-130, preferably with a fully upgraded weapon, so +22/+25.

What is Malekith weak against? ›

Maliketh is highly susceptible to Bleed and Scarlet Rot, so use weapons, spells, or items that inflict these statuses if you can. You'll score a ton of bonus damage against him this way, making the fight go much faster. The Mimic Tear Spirit Ash Summon is excellent in this fight.

What spirit ash is best for Malekith? ›

Any Spirit Ash summon that can hold his attention will be a big help. The Mimic Tear is always a top option, but anything that can survive his onslaught will do.

What to do before killing Malekith? ›

You MUST complete Nepheli's quest before defeating Malekith in Crumbling Farum Azula, else she will not appear for the final step. Additionally, if you give her Seluvis' potion then her quest will fail.

Is Malekith the hardest boss? ›

Maliketh, the Black Blade is one of the hardest mandatory bosses in Elden Ring. He's quick, he's strong and he's aggressive. He's one of the hardest bosses in Elden Ring but whether you're level 1 or 300, this boss guide will have you making short work of Maliketh.

Does killing Malekith lock you out? ›

The second "point of no return" comes after players kill Malekith, The Black Blade. Doing this will actually cover Leyndell in ashes, locking players out of certain areas in the Royal Capital.

How many runes do you get for killing Black Blade Kindred? ›

Avoid the Black Blade Kindred. These little buggers are what you've come for. Killing them gets you over 1,000 runes each.

What does Malekith's Black Blade Scale with? ›

The Maliketh's Black Blade scales primarily with Strength, Dexterity and Faith. A good Weapon for inflicting holy-based damage.

Can you Parry Maliketh the black blade? ›

The Blasphemous Claw item lets you parry Maliketh.

Why is Malekith so powerful? ›

Also, like his fellow Dark Elves, the Accursed one can easily be felled by iron. However, he also studied the supernatural and became the most powerful sorcerer in Svartalfheim. Malekith is also a master manipulator thanks to both his silver tongue and his ability to actually take the form of another.

Is Malekith the good guy? ›

Malekith the Accursed is the cruel leader of the Dark Elves, a race older than the universe itself. Thousands of years ago, he'd led the Elves in a war against the Asgardians, with his sole purpose being eternal darkness for the universe.


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